Stop starving yourself just to lose weight

(You’ll end up eating more!)

I am happy to bring back the Road to 30 Day Stop Overeating Challenge Rerun!

All it takes is 30 days to redefine your eating habits, improve your relationship with food and yourself, and gradually take control of your life.

I know what it feels to struggle with binge and over eating. But I found an easy and actionable guide to overcome over eating with a decade’s worth of research, study, and testing different methods.

And I managed to formulate a process that can help you get back on track. 

What will you get out of the 30 Day Stop Overeating Challenge?

  • Four weeks of training modules with video lessons.
  • Weekly key challenge with tools to help you quickly learn.
  • Easy lifestyle habits you can implement to help you get over binge eating.
  • Get helpful tips from RoadtoBelle 30-Day Challenge Community.
  • Overcome your guilt feeling when it comes to eating food
  • Appreciation for your body – whatever your weight goals are.

And I’m willing to share a decade’s worth of my findings in just 30 days. Skip the long learning curve and begin living a confident and happy life like you’ve always dreamed.

Hundreds of women benefited from the first run of the 30 Day Stop Overeating Challenge. And I’m hoping that the next person who will benefit from this challenge is YOU.

Let go of your food cravings without the guilt. Get yourself on track towards food freedom. This program will give you a solid basis and help get you  on track with your eating habits.



Dreams and dedication often lead to a beautiful destination. This website came about in 2017 when I started writing about my weight loss journey and health. My name is Marisabelle but everyone calls me Belle. Over the past two years, I lost 55 Kg and overcame an eating disorder – Binge eating disorder. I am a pharmacist by profession but decided to leave the community pharmacy and focus on my future as an intuitive eating coach, binge eating recovery coach, and health coach helping people with their struggle with weight, health and self esteem. I am always keeping up my studies in nutrition, eating disorders, psychology and a lot more. I work with clients 1:1 to help them overcome their struggles with food, improve their relationship with food and their body. I also offer group programs and online short programs. Good health and mindfulness are two great blessings in life. This 30 day challenge is aimed at giving you a lot of benefit at a low price. Having said that people with full blown eating disorders will probably need some additional support after they finish the challenge.

Get in touch if you would like more information