About Me

Hi, I’m Belle

I help people with their relationship with their body and food. With the aim of overcoming overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, understanding cravings and improving self-worth.

My background

I am a pharmacist by profession and a pharmacy owner. Up to December 2018, I owned a small village pharmacy in Zebbug, Malta which I loved. However, I have decided to move on to another passion of mine and that is helping people overcome issues with body image and weight and health.

Ever since I was young I loved explaining and teaching - and I used to do this every day in my job with my patients. Now I try to use this website and Social media to educate about health. I was also always very artistic - I used to play music when I was younger and now I have also delved into Photography and writing.

This is

Our journey

My journey is a long time coming. I have always been a high achiever academically but always struggled with my body image and relationship with food. As a teenager, I was bullied quite severely and food was always my comfort. Food made me happy for a short while. As I grew up food kept always being my refuge but that led to weight gain.

I tried every diet program on the market, I would lose some weight and then gain weight again. Why was I successful academically and professionally and not in this one area of my life?


That is when I decided it was time to change that. I sold my pharmacy, Started masters in eating disorders. Started a coaching course with Hungry for Happiness and got certified in breathwork. 


I have lost 50kg (110 lbs) to date in 2 years - and I am still a work in progress. In the meantime I have learnt so much about myself, my relationship with food and how my body responds and have helped over 200 women in their relationship with food and body.

More to come

Keep following. 2020 will see me release a lot of new surprises including ebooks, webinars and online events. I also have a book in the pipeline


We’re in this together