Digestive health

First of all I want to apologise for being so absent lately over the past 3 weeks I have been so busy I barely found time to sit down and write a proper post. I, like everyone else have had plenty of Christmas get togethers; I went to Rome for a few days and had 4 birthday parties and a couple of dates. Luckily my weight is still more or less stable – i haven’t lost any weight but haven’t gained weight either. I try to make healthy choices when eating out and I usually try and have a grilled steak, fish or chicken breast to be safe as salads in Malta leave a lot to be desired. I am sure many of you have the same problem. In fact next year I plan to review healthy eating places in Malta.

Anyway one of the things people always complain about at the moment is that they tend to over eat – they end up feeling bloated; having stomach pains, maybe some acid reflux. Its normal as we tend to over indulge in not only food but also drinks. So here are some tips on how to maintain your digestive health throughout the Christmas period:

– Avoid heavy meals – that is meals which are not only high in fat but also fried. An excess of fat will overwhelm the stomach, resulting in acid reflux and heartburn. The body can only handle so much at one time.

– Try to avoid food which is excessively spicy as this can irritate your digestive tract and increase acid production and reflux.

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