How to improve your relationship with food

I know what it’s like to struggle with food and with your body. For years, I tried all the diets known to man and every shake or supplement that was released on the market. I forced myself and my body into submission by starving it and forcing it to workout past the breaking point. It was miserable.

Every day I tried to rely on willpower alone to stop having behaviours. Spoiler! It didn’t work.

Much more effective is pull motivation. This means you have something greater pulling you through recovery. No force. Listening to my body, understanding its needs and its limits.

There are some steps you can do to actually start making your way to freedom daily.

These are THREE tips I recommend to all my clients




Start small here. Every day write down five things you are grateful for. They should be little gratitudes. Like your warm bed, your pet or the weather. This trains your brain to seek blessings throughout your day. With a gratitude practice, you shift the lens you see the world through. You will appreciate the love from those closest to you, your outlook on life will start to change and you will start feeling like you are worthy of loving yourself.

You can text them to a friend, write them in a journal or email them to yourself! As long as you get them from your head to paper or a device!

Then write down Your big goal for the day. It could be just finding 15 minutes to do your hair, or 20 minutes to do a dance routine in front of youtube or 1 hour to cook instead of ordering take out.



Sleep is the most important factor in finding freedom from the eating disorder. Without it, you can’t think clearly and you make decisions when you’re less than 100%.

When you are well-rested, your hunger cues are more precise. This helps reduce your struggle with food and allows you to be able to tap into your bodies internal cues a lot better. There is a lot of information about this and many studies proving all of this.

My bedtime routine includes two hours before bed, I put on my blue light glasses. I dim the lights in the house. Next, I switch on a relaxation melt which contains lavender and it helps me wind down and I drink warm water. Some Chamomile or relaxing tea would be great too but I am not a fan of teas. I read a book or try to do something off of a screen (I definitely don’t avoid screens every night, but I try!).

Then I take a warm bath or shower, get into my comfortable PJs – I make sure I don’t have anything that is tight or uncomfortable and will wake me up at night and get ready for bed.

Finally, I listen to the Calm App as it tells me a bedtime story. There’s no wrong here, just try to stay consistent with whatever you choose! Do this every night and it will make you so much more refreshed in the morning



The eating disorder wants to isolate, to be alone. Freedom requires that you step out of the secrecy. Every day, find a way to connect with someone. I know its tough at the moment with quarantine and lockdown all over the world but the good news is that the world is more connected then ever we have whatsapp groups, zoom and facetime. Call someone you love even if it’s just to say hello.  Better yet, is to have plans with someone you care about. A phone date, a walk, or grab a drink You don’t necessarily have to talk about the eating disorder!

Just getting out of the house and in the company of others is a great first step!

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