Now I can still wear my pretty shoes even after a long day of work

So Yesterday was a really long day at work I was really exhausted and could not wait for the weekend to begin (although it will be a working weekend for me – working on Saturday and Sunday at the pharmacy). I had been standing up pretty much most of the day (10 hours to be exact) and of course everyday throughout the week. Being behind a counter requires a lot of standing – unfortunately my pharmacy is quite small so even computer work I do I need to do standing up.

When the clock strikes 7 pm I am always dying to go home, have a shower and raise my legs! Yesterday my feet were really swollen – they looked like two melons (not a pretty sight i assure you) apart from which they felt heavy and I had an ache in the back of my legs, running from my ankles up to my hips.

The last thing I wanted is to put on heels and go out in the evening- but it was a Friday night, and a nice warm summer evening – and I had plans to go to a bar in Sliema for some drinks with a friend – but I’m definitely not going to a bar in my orthopaedic granny shoes heheh

So I thought about bailing on my friend and resting my feet. But before messaging her I decided to have a shower and whilst showering I started thinking am I going to spend all my Fridays at home because my legs feel tired? I mean this means I’m going to practically have no social life anymore. Then I decided to go back up to the pharmacy and get a pack of Venis Gel. Ive sold so many of them and never really tried it myself.

I got back home – plonked on the sofa and rubbed my feet from my toes up to my thighs, I got a sort of tingling feeling and I felt my feet cool down. I felt this pleasant cold effect and my feet instantly felt lighter. And I managed to fit my feet into my pretty pink sandals.

Well, I managed to go out and have a fun night out – and actually ran into a really cute guy who bought me a drink 🙂 . For those who have the same issue with working long hours on your feet – or even just suffer from swollen and heavy legs I really recommend you try Venis and it will save your weekend. Its available as a gel and as a spray and you can even carry it with you in your handbag as the size is nice and compact 🙂

When I woke up this morning before I was off to work again at 8 am i reapplied Venis – my feet feel happy and energised to start another day at work! This evening i will be off to beer fest in another pair of pretty shoes to dance the night away with my girl friends 🙂 Will keep you updated about our evening and will surely re apply Venis before the fun evening 🙂

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