Pink Tea garden

Pink magazine is the leading women’s magazine in Malta. Twice a year they organise an amazing event in collaboration with Tetteira and the farmers Deli. This event brings together local talented entrepreneurs who offer healthy and sustainable products. This event goes so well with my blog which is aimed at people who are interested in health, nutrition and environmentally sustainable items.

This was the first time I attended the Pink tea garden. I got to experience it from a very interesting perspective. I was helping my boyfriend, Charles Zahra from Themaltaflorist, Set up the flowers for the event. I also had a tea talk about intuitive eating.

I have always loved these sort of events – from my student days as the president of the European Pharmaceutical Students Association (EPSA). I think it’s that sense of momentum you get from gathering with other people who understand your passions and challenges.

By the end of the day, your head’s practically buzzing with new ideas and best practices you can’t wait to implement — and your heart’s full from the friends you met and reconnected with during the event.

We started setting up the garden of Villa Bologna a day before. We were allowed to drive in so that we could safely unload all the things we needed to set up. Before we set up, we had a quick talk with Fiona, Jo and Ingrid who were all part of the organisation and we discussed what they were picturing for the event. Setting up the stand involved lots of work for us – we spent 9 hours at Villa Bologna on Friday and woke up at 4 am on Saturday to Create the PINK logo out of flowers. But we had an amazing outcome with so many women appreciating my boyfriends work – he is an agronomist by profession and education but has decided that he is happier working in his fields growing organic flowers for bouquets and also for health benefits. We got to Villa Bologna gardens around 10 am on Saturday as we preferred to prepare the flowers at home and leave them in the shade for as long as possible and only got home at 9.30 pm as dismantling the stand was a big feat.

The other highlight of this event for me was my tea talk on intuitive eating at 2.40 pm and I am ever so grateful to all my blogger friends who shared videos of my talk on their stories <3 you are all amazing. I must admit I panicked at one point whilst speaking and forgot a part of my talk but over the past year I have learnt to forgive myself for small mistakes and I got so many positive comments from people who heard my talk as well as a couple of new clients who got in touch for one – to – one session. My story was also published in Pink magazine and the Times of Malta. I will always be thankful to Fiona who helped me start raising awareness about eating disorders and this taboo topic. I hope that I will be able to keep raising awareness in the coming months.

Another great moment for me was when I discovered Jo’s delights that cater for celiacs. She has some amazing goodies – and I am so glad I found a place I can eat at without fear of my autoimmune condition flaring up. I will post an article soon about my recent diagnosis and new gluten-free lifestyle so keep an eye out on my blog.

This event was also worth it for the amazing connections I’ve made with new blogging friends as well as all the people showcasing their products. There are so many people doing amazing things in Malta and I am looking forward to a couple of amazing collaborations that were discussed during this event. Including an appearance on a radio show, incorporation of teas into workshops I am organising with Stacey from My melts as well as a new workshop aimed at helping women self-esteem with the help of a fashion stylist that I met at this event. There are so many women who suffer from low self-esteem and after all I have been through one of my lifes aim is to help as many women out of this low mindset as possible. So thank you Pink Magazine, Times of Malta, Fiona, Ingrid and Jo for the amazing opportunity.

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