30-Day Stop Overeating self study program

Our  “30-day overeating challenge” challenge is BACK! I know this will make a massive difference for you!

It’s possible to lose weight without dieting.

It’s possible to live a life where cravings don’t rule your every thought and move.

It’s possible to go into social functions and family gatherings for the holidays feeling confident.

And so you know what’s coming, in just 30 Days you can expect to leave the challenge…

-Feeling more confident as you walk through the world!

-Feeling in your power with food!

-Cravings and overeating will no longer rule your life!

-AND your mental energy will be freed up to do more fulfilling things…

I promise you, if you give me 30 days, this challenge will change your life!



***With everything that’s happening in the world, acting fast is more important now than ever!

This challenge is for you if you are:

- Overeating
- Having uncontrollable cravings
- Finding comfort in food and numbing out with food
- Have done loads of diets before and are sick of dieting
- Eating on autopilot
- Binge eating


Ready to step into the most confident, empowered, and happy version of yourself so you can navigate this difficult time with ease.

Most likely, you’ve tried different types of control tactics with your eating up until now that leave you feeling defeated and discouraged because they don’t last.

I’m going to personally guide you through a step-by-step process that will eliminate your stress about food and overeating (while stuck at home) in 30 days or less.

Diets and mainstream methods to control your eating – even the healthy balanced lifestyle approach ones (cough cough, Paleo, Whole 30, Weight Watchers etc) – do some crazy stuff to your brain and body.

In short, they activate a response inside of you (think of it kind of like a “switch” that gets flipped on) that literally makes you tunnel visioned to overeat. 


If you ever experience more that 3 of the following, then it’s a tell-tale sign that this “overeating switch” is flipped on for you…

- You’re grabbing sweets when the overwhelm, stress, or boredom gets to be too much

- You think about food a ton

- You’re cravings or urges to overeat are really hard to say no to

- You’re eating food as a distraction from all that’s going on

- Once you start with “forbidden” foods you tend to finish what’s on your plate or in the bag

- You don’t feel “satisfied” often but rather need to eat a lot to feel full

- Even when you are doing “good”, food isn’t easy. You have to effort a lot and work hard to control yourself

- You second guess yourself. You feel confused on what you should be doing.

- You’re worried about going back to normal life after the quarantine period and looking like a different person because of gaining weight


The strongest will power, best coach,  or most incredible plan in the world will not override your physiology! 


- Rewire your relationship to food

- Learn to love your body

- Learn how to understand what your body is craving

- Rewire new healthy habits into your day