Fertility and pregnancy with PCOS Masterclass

Fertility is not just about getting pregnant. Having a healthy ovulation and period is a sign your body is working the way it should. This is why every woman with PCOS should be interested in this masterclass. The masterclass is split into 2 parts. We start off by discussing cycle tracking, ovulation and then move on to discuss nutrition and supplements for PCOS and how to eat to improve your fertility.




This is a 130 minute prerecorded masterclass dealing with fertility, ovulation and periods for women with PCOS


So how do we tackle this extensive topic in this masterclass?

 Firstly, we need to make sure you are ovulating. Most women with PCOS do not have a natural ovulation. In this masterclass we discuss cycle tracking and how to correctly identify whether you are ovulating or not.

And then you’ve got to be able to predict ovulation this is important both if you want to get pregnant or also if you are looking to prevent pregnancy and are looking for an effective method of contraception.

You might just be interested in getting your body working correctly so you feel at home in your own skin.

Following that we will discuss all things fertility ranging from nutrition, to micronutrients you need to be eating to have a successful pregnancy, to lifestyle. sleep and supplements.

Bonus: Fertility recipes and a cycle tracking guide is available as a bonus

This is a recorded session and you will have lifetime access to it.