Fertility and pregnancy with PCOS Masterclass

So What Can You Do to Improve Your Fertility with PCOS?

First things first: you’ve got to be ovulating. We will be discussing cycle tracking during the masterclass and how to correctly identify whether you are ovulating or not. No ovulation tests do not work in PCOS but we will talk about how to correctly identify if you are ovulating or not.

And then you’ve got to be able to predict ovulation so that you can successfully time sex during the fertile window (~4 days before and the day of ovulation).


So, what are the keys to improving ovulation?

we will be talking about how we can improve our ovulation through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle.

We will also be talking about the right nutrition to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.

Bonus: Fertility recipes will be sent out to members after the masterclass

Recording will be sent to all those who register so if you cannot be present live you can watch the recording.



Masterclass will be held on the 27th April at 17:00 CET

This is a 120 minute masterclass - we will have 95 minutes of presentation and 25 minutes for questions.

The masterclass will be held on Zoom