Weightloss with PCOS masterclass

This Masterclass will involve information on

  • nutrition,
  • lifestyle,
  • inflammation,
  • gut health to help with long term weight control
  • and lots more

This masterclass was held on the 23rd June. You can register and watch the recording.  It was a 100 minute session followed by 20 minutes for questions 🙂

Bonus: Weight loss with PCOS guide + Recipes



What frustrates you the most about PCOS? For many of you, I bet it's your weight. It seems to go up for no reason, then it won't go down no matter what you try. 

Maybe you've tried keto, intermittent fasting, gluten or dairy free or Whole 30, Weight  Watchers and more ...

May you lost weight for a while ... but it comes right back on.

But here's the problem ... restriction doesn't work. Not only can it lead to feelings of deprivation and binge eating but it can make your PCOS worse by increasing cortisol. And it can even lead to eating disorders.

After getting diagnosed with PCOS, Most women are not given much help on what to do next. Many are prescribed the pill or metformin and told they need to lose weight and come back when they want to have a baby. It’s no wonder so many of us find ourselves always trying to get out of a rabbit hole. Most women I meet have tried more diets than they can count, spent loads of money on personal trainers and gym memberships, buying loads of supplements they can barely even pronounce and just feel exhausted, disheartened and alone because it seems like we’re just going around in circles and not really getting anywhere with our PCOS. They feel like no one really understands and they are constantly told that they are lazy. What's worse sometimes even those closest to us do not really understand.

I know how frustrating it can be. I have been in that very same spot.

For years I struggled with binge eating and it took me actually doing a masters degree in eating disorders to figure out it was related to my PCOS - no doctor ever thought to mention it.

Finally one of my lecturers told me, "weight is a SYMPTOM of PCOS". Excess weight is actually a sign that something is not right at the moment– It could be nsulin resistance, blood sugar imbalance, inflammation, an issue with your gut health, or hormone imbalances, such as high cortisol,  high androgens, or malfunctioning thyroid all of which are often the case in PCOS.

All of this is not to say that you can’t lose weight in a healthy way and this is what this masterclass will cover. During this masterclass we will discuss all the root causes as well as how to improve your eating habits and mindset to get you on the right track.  This way you can get started on  working on a plan tailored to your personal needs.

Join me to learn more about controlling your PCOs root causes and how to get started on your weight loss journey.