Stimol – a review

I have been selling Stimol throughout all of my career since they are also prescribed by doctors often, however I had never tried them out myself. They come in two forms: powder sachets, or oral solution which can both be mixed with water. The Powder form is strawberry flavoured where as the oral solution is Orange flavoured. Personally I was not a fan of the strawberry flavour; the orange flavored sachets where much more to my liking; however many of my patients at the pharmacy seem to purchase the strawberry flavour more. Preferred flavour is very subjective though so you need to try them out for yourself to see what you prefer.

I started taking 3 sachets a day for a period of12 days. It immediately helped me feel less tired – the summer heat affects me quite a bit, I am not a summer person and one thing I notice is that i need to sleep more in summer and I constantly feel exhausted and end up eating more than I do in winter because I need more energy. Furthermore my blood pressure is quite low and with the heat blood pressure has a tendency to get lower so I often feel dizzy as well. My energy levels were better since I started Stimol; I could concentrate more and managed to fit in a second workout on most days as I usually do in winter. Since summer has started I had to reduce the frequency of my workouts but with Stimol I am back to working out as much as in winter. I also noticed that it helps me push myself more in a workout and offers a better pump after strength training and muscle soreness after strength training is a lot less. It all makes sense seeing that Stimol contains Citrulline Malate which is an amino acid. This makes Stimol the perfect supplement to people who do body building as it helps increase pump and recovery; and cyclists; Cross fitters and long distance runners and most people practicing some sort of sport as it will aid in muscle recovery and energy levels.

One other good thing I noticed is that Stimol does not increase your apetite and because I am less tired I have less urge to eat more to make up for the lack of energy. I am working on a couple of new projects as well and with Stimol I have been able to concentrate better.

I finished the course last week so I had not taken them for a week and my energy levels were still quite high – in fact last week I attended a couple of parties and was out dancing till 3am with no problems at all. Yesterday however I did pass out at the gym. Ta Qali gym is not air conditioned and working out there at noon feels like I am working out in an oven. My blood pressure plummeted – luckily I had a sachet of Stimol on me and I mixed it with some water as I regained consciousness and was able to drive home feeling ok. I will however be changing the gym I workout at as such a hot environment is not adequate for me.

I will be repeating the course every couple of months to give myself a much needed boost. It is safe even for diabetics as it has no added sugars and is available on sale from all major pharmacies without a prescription. Its also ideal for people who are recovering from being sick or a surgergy and need to regain their strength. If you have any queries about the product you can always PM me or ask a pharmacist you trust 🙂

Thanks to Medina healthcare who have helped me find my perfect workout companion especially in these hot summer months.

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