Unleashing your inner confidence

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” inspiring words by a woman who revolutionised fashion. Classy and fabulous mean different things to different people, but as long you feel confident on the inside, your radiance and inner beauty will shine.

Most women have to become experts at multi-tasking and balancing one crazy schedule. Sometimes, we find it difficult to prioritize ourselves. Whether it’s the gym class after a hard day at work, going to get your hair done or preparing that extra healthy lunch powered with all those super foods; so sometimes we put ourselves on a back shelf and postpone these little things. However, the little things do add up.


Do try to find the time for yourself, if needs be schedule it way in advance. I recently was having a bad week, and I was driving past my hairdresser salon, and I thought I’d just pop in to see if she could fit me in.


I left the salon one hour later, with my hair feeling smooth and silky. My problems are still there, but I felt a bit better about myself and I smiled a bit more in the day. Superficial? Materialistic? …Perhaps, but you know what? If it makes you smile, then it’s. worth it.

A hobby may be a great outlet for your daily frustrations. Sometimes, nothing seems to go our way. A hobby might be that one thing in life that allows us to truly shine. So please do allow yourself the time to let your creative juices flow and appreciate your work of art.

I saw a TED talk recently, where Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy discusses doing a power pose before an important event in your life. I tried it out once before a job interview. The theory behind this pose is essentially that standing in a powerful, dominant manner has both psychological and physiological benefits, including decreasing your cortisol levels. Whether or not my cortisol levels were reduced I do not know. I felt a bit stupid trying out this ‘superhero’ pose, but I was calmer after.


Whatever your method for finding your inner confidence is, don’t let it burst out when you just can’t take it anymore but let it out in frequent, regular doses and unleash your inner confidence.

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