Vichy Dercos energising anti hairloss shampoo

I am back today with a product review, Vichy Dercos Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. I have been suffering from a hair loss problem over the past few months which I am attributing to the huge amount of stress I have been going through. This is also the time of the year when we lose more hair so that coupled with stress and I am leaving behind me a trail of hair everywhere I go 🙁 And my hair has decreased in volume by more than half 🙁 I have tried some hair vitamins and oils which in all honesty did not do much of a difference 🙁

Vichy Dercos Energising shampoo

The lovely staff at Vichy Malta gave me 1 Dercos energising shampoo to try and another 1 for one of you lovely followers of mine. It is best when used with the treatment vials (Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5) as well as this will give the hair the boost it needs. I started using only the shampoo for now which claims that it:

• Fights the collagen stiffening process. • Gives energy to the hair from the root to the tip.

(Resulting in:  Hair regains vigour and vitality from the roots to the tips.) • Makes Hair stronger – 78% • Makes Hair more vigorous- 76% *Tested on 154 individuals.

The shampoo contains Vitamins B5, B6 and PP, and Aminexil® – a patented anti-hair loss molecule.

Above you can see a picture of what the hair follicle looks like. Around the hair follicle we find collagen. Collagen is a vital part of our hair, skin and nails and it starts decreasing naturally as we age. The Vichy shampoo reinforces the collagen around the hair follicle and helps anchor the hair in the root thus making it stronger. The lovely cocktail of vitamins in this shampoo and also the active ingredients in the treatment vials will also prevent the collagen sheet around the hair follicle becoming too rigid and brittle. Thanks to this lovely cocktail of ingredients Vichy Dercos energising shampoo prevents premature ageing of the hair leaving it stronger and healthier and reducing the amount of hair loss.

Vichy Dercos Energising shampoo

My Experience with Vichy Dercos Energizing Anti Hair Loss Shampoo:

The Vichy Anti Hair Loss shampoo is a white, creamy textured shampoo with normal consistency and a very pleasant smell. It doesn’t look anything different from the normal everyday shampoo, but looks can be deceptive sometimes, right? I was advised by the people at Vichy to use this shampoo as often as needed. I have been using it 3 times a week for around 3 weeks regularly and I already noticed a difference. The shampoo lathers well and even cleanses the hair well. It does not dry out or weigh down my hair and my hair is always nice and shiny <3 . Hair breakage does occur while washing, but that’s normal.

The results after around 3 weeks of using it are really positive – what I have experienced is about 20% less hair fall. I used to get a bunch of hair in my wide-toothed comb and my rubber band was always full of hair at any point in time. I have observed a change in that scenario, very few strands/almost no hair in the rubber band and comb now and when i touch my hair i do not get huge amounts falling out as I was getting before. I still lose some hair but that is normal for everyone. So all In all I am really pleased.

Treatment vials

I am happy with the slow and steady progress that I am experiencing with my hair fall problem. I will be starting the treatment vials next week so as to improve the efficacy and hopefully have my lovely thick hair as it was before. The Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 treatment vials also contain 5 ingredients. Aminexil to anchor the hair bulb, Arginine which will improve circulation to the hair making it stronger, SP 94 which makes the hair fibre stronger as well, Octeine which is an anti-fungal and anti oxidant making the scalp healthier and Vichy mineral water which is full of minerals. The applicator is used to massage the scalp with every application. I will keep you updated once I finish the whole treatment and I am looking forward to having thicker fuller hair once again.

These products are suitable for both men and women. The shampoo can be used by both and the treatments come in 2 forms one for men and one for women. They are not sticky or greasy so for women who like to get their hair styled at the hairdresser regularly you can still keep doing that whilst treating your hair.

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