Why do we binge?

Many times people who overeat or binge eat try and control and restrict their eating by bouncing from one crazy diet to the next. I know I have done them all in the past be it Paleo, Cabbage soup, Duchan, Detox diets – well you get the gist – you name it I have tried it :'(

Today I learnt that food freedom is all about working with your body instead of against it. I used to blame myself for not having the willpower to make it through the day without drowning my sorrow in a big bag of chips or a huge bar of chocolate. Why could everyone else stick to a diet and I could not? what the hell is wrong with me 🙁

So I would feel sad and demoralised and I would eat my feelings or just eat for no reason at all! If someone asked me why I literally had no answer!  I felt broken

It’s not you that’s broken…the way you’ve tried to stop binge eating is driving you to think about food all the time, driving you to eat, and driving you crazy.

The truth is if you’re in a dieting cycle what you’re doing may be exactly what’s stopping you from succeeding.

Any attempt to control or restrict what you eat will be overshadowed by the brain patterns and survival mechanisms that are ingrained in us.

Step one to overcoming binge eating

We need to start by making sure the survival mechanism is quieted first. When you are constantly restricting and dieting your brain goes into a panic mode. The survival mechanism is completely automatic and  you will be continuously triggered to give in to urges and cravings

In those moments, your brain is invested in trying to drive you to eat. It starts worrying for its survival and thinking oh no another famine is coming. So it will take fuel that is generally evenly distributed throughout the brain and shuttles it to a portion of the brain that’s sole function is survival.

This part of the brain is generally referred to as the reptilian brain or the most primal part of our brain. This part of our brain is responsible for our most basic needs for survival like your breathing, reproduction, eating as well as your instincts. It only cares about your safety and having food is one of the things that keep us safe according to this part of the brain.

This part of our brain cannot be controlled so no amount of willpower will stop you wanting to eat. This portion of your brain is also where your urges to binge come from. When fuel is sent to this area, it is taken from other parts of our brain where our willpower and our reasoning are found. And this explains roughly why you seem to be on autopilot and just putting food in your mouth without any control whatsoever

Now you can roughly understand why willpower has nothing to do with anything when it comes to binge eating.

It’s literally like talking to the crocodile who thinks his survival is threatened out of anxiety and out of eating when his brain is telling him he’s starving. That would never work. Well, I’m not calling you a crocodile, but that part of your brain where your urges to binge come from is at that level.

When I learnt about this I felt so free – I realised I was not broken! I was not without willpower. But how do I overcome this?


Here are some other nuggets  of information you can use to empower yourself with this information:

1) You are not your binges and you are not your urges. These are stored in a part of our brain that we have no control over!

2) Your brain is extremely flexible and the smartest part of our body and always trying to make things automatic, so as you dismiss your urges to binge over time those brain patterns will die off. This is called pruning in neuroscience and it’s something that takes time and guidance but you can get there!

Having a free easy relationship with food can become automatic, and you will create a new normal for yourself. This can be done through neuroplasticity and rewiring a healthy relationship with food. I have done it for myself and successfully with over 100 clients and I keep increasing my knowledge and studying new techniques so I can better serve all my clients.

You deserve food freedom. You deserve to have ease with your body and with food.

By enrolling in the Food Freedom formula program and working with me 1:1 we can go deep into this reconditioning of the brain patterns far beyond just separating from your urges, but programming them to become non-existent so you never have an urge to binge again.

I am the living proof Food freedom forever is possible, and if you’re ready for it I’d be so honoured to show you how.

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